About Us


 The mission of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh is to provide a means for our members and the community at large to reconnect   with their Jewish ancestry in Southwestern Pennsylvania along with their ancestral homelands. 


 The Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh was founded in the early 1980's by Julian Falk initially meeting at the former Jewish Federatoin   building in Oakland.  By the end of the decade they met at the Holocaust Center. and were averaging 25-40 members.  In the late 2000's the   original organization folded and their items were donated to the Rauh Jewish Archives and History Program. 

 In 2017 Steven Jaron, with the help of Evan Wolfson and David Schlitt (former RJAHP director), restarted the organization.  

 The current JGS of Pittsburgh leadership is 
  President - Steven Jaron

  Vice President Operations - Joel Bauman
  Vice President Programming, Research, & Education - Evan Wolfson
  Vice President Marketing & Strategic Planning - Rochelle Sufrin
  Secretary - VACANT
  Treasurer - Jonathan Schachter
  Membership and Outreach Coordinator - Steffi Biersdorff

  Rauh Jewish Archives and History Program Liaison - Eric Lidji