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 Join Us!

 Membership in the Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh is $18/year and includes free access to al regular programming, subscription to our   newsletter, access to our members only portal (which includes recordings of some of our past programs, back issues of our newsletter, and our   Family Finder), and access to our private Facebook group.

 There are three ways to join or renew.

 1. In Person: At any meeting a member of the leadership team will have forms available and can take cash, check, or debit/credit card.

 2. By Mail: Please print and mail this form and with a check payable to The Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh.

     Send the form and check to 
     The Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh

     1008 Mirror St.

     Pittsburgh, PA 15217

 3. Online: You can securely use this form to join and pay using Square

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